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How can you help Sun Valley School shine? 

By joining our team of dedicated volunteers!  Sun Valley parents and community members log over 2,500 hours a year to help our students.  That's no small potatoes.  So we could use your help.  


Contact the Sun Valley Volunteer Coordinators with any questions, ideas, offerings of your time...  See below for some sample opportunities.

Auction Team

Come January, the auction team will be looking for volunteers to help solicit donations, do data entry, help with the party and more.  How can you help? Let them know your skill-set and your availability and they'll find something for you to do. 

Teacher/Staff Luncheons

A couple of times each year, the PTO hosts a potluck lunch courtesy of our wonderful and talented families.  When your Grade Level Rep sends out a request for help, consider signing up for your secret-recipe brownies, or grab your favorite takeout dish, or just sign up for drinks!  

​Special Events

The district-wide organization, HeadsUp, hosts two fundraisers each year in which you can get involved.  HeadsUp is an amazing organization that funds 1st-5th grade music at all San Rafael City Schools as well as providing funding for a variety of other needs at all city-wide campuses. Like PTO, HeadsUp is run by volunteers and needs your help to succeed.  Look out for opportunities in the fall to help out at Carnival, and again in the spring, to help out at Rock n Run.


What: Community, campus improvements and fun-raising events including our annual Camp Out, Campus Renewal, Poker Nights and Glow Ball Golf.

When:  Our "Meetings" last 45 minutes and are generally at 8 p.m. on the third Thursdays of the month at Pond Farm Brewing Co.

Get the latest at and join the Facebook Group.