Sun Valley School Annual Auction

Online Auction APRIL 26-MAY 1

Live Auction Party MAY 5

Country Club Bowl

88 Vivian Street, San Rafael

Help by Making a Donation. Donate directly to our auction site, or

Fill out online and Submit the Form Here>>> 

Or print out the attached items below and submit! 

We need items! The solicitations team is hard at work contacting local businesses. If you are out and about, be sure to ask your favorite place if they have already contributed. You can let them know that their donations will benefit (and be seen by!) nearly 500 families in Sun Valley. Check in with your favorite:



Hair salons



Concert or Comedy Venues

Kid classes or camps

Kid lessons in Music, Art or Dance


Gift card to book stores, clothing stores, toy shops

Art work

Household items

Jewlery, makeup products

Housecleaning services



If you don't want to ask your favorite business to donate, you can always purchase the item and donate to the auction.

Or perhaps you have other unique items to offer? Sun Valley families have given in the past:


Weekend get-a-ways at a vacation home

Fresh picked Meyer lemons

Airport Shuttle 

Home brew 

Childcare services

Tours (do you work someplace rad?)

Commisioned art

Piano, Karate, Sewing, Singing Lessons (can you offer a special service?)


Always a favorite: SV Parties! You cover the party planning and expenses AND WE auction off tickets! Past parties included:


Margarita Mama's Poolside Party

Kentucky Derby Progressive Party

Brew and Bake

80's Kickball Party

Studio 54

Yin Yoga and Margarita Party

Sip & Spin PELO Party

Serve Ace's & Limes Party

Soak Up the Sun Labor Day Swim

Latkes and Vodkas Progressive Dinner

Endless Summer Progressive Party

Five course meal and wine party for 8

Now you're cooking (and saving the planet!)

Southern Comfort in Gerstle Park - Cocktail Party

Tennis Party - Can you Swing It?

Indian Feast - Eat, Drink and Learn to Cook


And finally! Every classroom will be collaborating to make a classroom contribution. Please check in with your child's Room Parent to find out how you can help!



Thank You

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