Join the Dad's Club!

What: Community, campus improvements and fun-raising events including our annual Camp Out, Campus Renewal, Poker Nights and Glow Ball Golf.

When:  Our "Meetings" last 45 minutes and are generally at 8 p.m. on the third Thursdays of the month at Pond Farm Brewing Co.

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Community Heroes

What: About 100 compassionate kids participate in our Community Heroes club, started by parent Kala Shah. Kala has spread her program to several other Marin schools. Learn more at her website


When: TBD


Actions: Among other activities, they inspire the community with the annual Day of Giving. Read about it.

Green Team

 WhatThis goal-oriented club is led by parent volunteer Land Wilson for students eager to learn about environmental challenges and exercise their power to make a difference. Want to help or have questions? Email Land Wilson


When: TBD


Actions: The team has garnered lots of attention for its successful campaign to convince Crayola and Dixon Ticonderoga to take back and recycle the millions of plastic markers otherwise heading to the dump each year. Now nearly 1,000 schools in the U.S. and Canada are participating! For more information, go to And view the NBC story on our fabulous kids.

CLICK HERE to read a end of year report from Mr. Land. Thanks to everyone that participated in this great club!

Garden Club

What: Parents and kids work together to create an edible teaching garden. 


When: TBD

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