SUN VALLEY SCHOOL PTO is an active group of parents, teachers and staff dedicated to enriching children's education and building community. PTO fundraising enables Sun Valley to offer ART, MUSIC, P.E., SCIENCE, POETRY and MORE. We sponsor field trips, class  supplies, book fairs, author visits, career assemblies, garden club and family events. If you have a kid at SV, you're a member!

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A Message from our Principal

Dear Sun Valley Families,

Celebrate our first real week of on-line learning!  Almost every Sun Valley Superstar has logged into their Google Classroom and teachers are working very hard connecting with kids, starting on-line learning and becoming tech support gurus (while also trying to take care of their own families)!  I'm so proud of our teachers, our Intervention Coach Aimee Disser and her team of intervention aides, Meghan Greenwood, Gayle and of course our incredible Community Liaison Sonia.  The biggest shout out goes to all of you, parents, for your ability to suddenly become a teacher without a lot of training or support!  We are here for you and we are all in this together.

Next week, the goal is to have students completing posted on-line assignments and some real-time teaching either through a Google Hangout or a video to watch and respond to.  Thanks for your patience as we all get better at on-line teaching and learning.  If you have questions, email or  We are here to help you.

Yearbook Pictures Still needed (due by April 10)
Send pictures from this year at school and also what you have from the quarantine weeks. Hikes, home schooling, video chats, games, biking.
Also I am missing a lot of the fifth grade baby pictures.  Please send to

This is the most recent e-mail from the SRCS Community dated March 20, 2020:


  • For a list of SF/Marin Food Bank pantries in the San Rafael community, please visit SF/Marin Food Bank Food Locator (link: 

  • We are working with the SF/Marin Food Bank to increase the amount of days to serve food pantries to our community. We will have more information early next week on the schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: It is critical for ALL of our health that we maintain the physical distancing required by our public health officers. Thank you! 


  • As you know, San Rafael City Schools is focused on equity. We are excited for the launch of Remote Learning and want to ensure all students have access to the tools they need to be successful.

  • If you do not have a device or wifi in your home, please let your teacher or Sonia know immediately. The schedule with permissions slips are here (we will have hard copies of the permission slip available).



Our SRCS Story Time is a time to virtually read with one of our teachers, principals and other members of our staff! Keep an eye out for this on our TwitterFacebook, and SRCS Remote Learning website. 


Julie Harris, Principal



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Frequent online shopper on or do you just place one or two large orders a year?  Either way, make your purchases count!  If you set up your account to benefit Sun Valley Elementary School, Amazon donates a percentage of your purchase back to your designated charity.  Please go to this link to find out more!!



A note about on-line learning. 

Huge kudos to our teaching staff who in a matter of 48 hours figured out how to get on-line learning started.  All teachers have a google classroom up and running and have invited every student to join.  Please be patient as teachers learn how to post on-line assignments, hold hangouts (live class meetings or lessons), learn how to video themselves teaching and post, and become tech experts to guide and support all the students and families to access these learning options.  If your child has completed all the assignments on-line and the paper packets, there are a host of websites for continuous learning that are on the District's Digital Learning Page.  Additionally, the PTO has purchased IXL learning for all of our students for one year.  

Try to stay calm and focused. 

It’s easy to be lost in fear when disaster strikes. Try and take time for yourself, take a walk, do some yoga, talk with a close friend, text a funny story to a sister, take pictures of your children while out for a walk, and remember to take a relaxing breath.  

Show Gratitude.  

One of the kindest things we can do is to say “thank you” to those who are doing what they can to fight the outbreak.  Remember those people that are working at the gas stations, grocery stores, restaurant take outs.  

Our common humanity and compassion.  

If you can get out and walk with your family or by yourself, please remember to say "hello" to the person walking the other way, as you give them a wide berth.  This may be the only contact that this person has had that day.  We're all here to help each other.  Otherwise, it's just passing time.  

Class Counseling

Critical Needs?

Help Organize

Technical Difficulties?

  • If you are having technical difficulties with any of the programs that you need to access during the shelter-in-place, please contact Traci Gearhart on  She can help you with Zoom, Webex, Google Hangouts, etc.  

Community Support

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